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We believe we have a responsibility to the communities in which we live. We currently support four principal causes within distinct areas of need, each of which is aligned to our core values.

In addition to our principal four causes, we gladly donate our time and our money to selected charities each year in a concerted attempt to sustain organizations that augment the lives of people in the cities in which we live and work.


A connection of past, present and future, we believe The Shaw Festival provides original expression through exceptional teamwork. Its work brings community together.

“We need theatre more than ever. That wonderful alchemy that takes us out of ourselves and the world, while at the same time bringing us together and reassuring us that we have each other's backs – that is why I love the theatre. Let's get together.”
– Tim Carroll, Artistic Director
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Health and Environment.

Farms for Change is a group of change making entrepreneurs. Through hard work and resilience, they connect exceptional product with an area of identifiable need – and in the process are playing a vital part in strengthening the food ecosystem.

“At The New Farm, we believe that sustainable, profitable small farms are the foundation of a healthy food system, and that local, organic food should be available to everyone. Farms for Change is a partnership between organic farmers and Community Food Centres Canada that aims to increase access to healthy organic food while strengthening organic farms.”
– Gillian Flies and Brent Preston, The New Farm

Technology and growth.

Hackergal is an innovative approach to addressing a gap in the technology industry. It strives to encourage personal growth, and in so doing assist in the overall growth of Canada’s opportunities in the technology sector. We like that!

“Hackergal is a not-for-profit organization that introduces young girls across Canada to coding through the experience of a hackathon. With women vastly underrepresented in the tech industry all over the world, Hackergal strives to inspire a new wave of Canadian female coders to bring equality to the booming industry.”
– Ray Sharma, Co-Founder


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The Yellow Bus Foundation enriches the lives of children in Canada living with chronic illness and/or serious medical conditions as well as provides enriching opportunities for disadvantaged youth. We cannot think of a better investment in the future than through small children’s charities striving to make a BIG difference!

“The Yellow Bus Foundation makes a significant difference in the lives of many children who daily face illnesses and challenges that we cannot imagine. It is important to note that we have specifically chosen charities where we can make a big impact; support from The Yellow Bus Foundation makes up a significant portion of the annual budget of many of the organizations we support.”
– John Bellamy, Board Member


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